Hi everyone! 

Part of what makes this community so special are each of your individual experiences that you bring to the table. As an online creator, many of us experience the generalities of working remotely, learning to share what we know with our audience, and eventually build a brand or business from it. 

The differences are tucked away in each of our individual experiences within this framework of being a creator. We will all face hard times, and the risk of burnout, at some point. However, the point of community is to share these experiences with one another, because the knowledge you've acquired will very likely be the life preserver for someone else. 

Question for today: how do you stay motivated as a creator? 

When you run up against something really tough, when you feel like giving up because you don't see the momentum building, when you feel like no one notices your work- what do you in those moments? 

Share what you'd like in the thread- and where you are currently on your creator journey. If you're in this space right now, and things feel hard, you can share that too. Let's discuss what it looks like to keep going as a creator in the face of adversity. 

See you in the comments!