Urgent change request on behalf of anyone who gets web traffic from the EU or UK:

Hey guys. It's great that you've made the GDPR pop-up location specific (the one that appears after initial sign-up if visitors are in the EU or UK). But it *really* needs to be editable.

The pop-up is a key part of the marketing sequence, so it's essential we can control what it says. In my case, the content and style are completely at odds with that on the rest of my website. It really jars, and I can see it being really off-putting for site visitors.

For example, it asks them to consent to promotional emails and to ads, yet I have no intention of ever sending them those anyway. Merely including checkboxes that suggest I will really undermines my brand.

What I do need them to consent to is future emails (as my sign-up is for a free course, so they need to consent separately to be added to my general list). Yet there's no option for that at all.

This is really important. As it stands, my only alternative is to create my own checkbox on the form and display it to everyone, regardless of where they are in the world. As much of my traffic is from the US, where there is no such requirement, that puts me at a real competitive disadvantage.