Want to know the best way to keep subscribers on your email list? Introduce yourself with a welcome email! 🤝

Instead of ghosting subscribers as soon as they sign up, you can send them a well-crafted introduction email that lets them know who you are and what they can expect from your emails.

In our newly redesigned automation template library, we’ve added 19 new templates for you to nurture your audience at different stages. Whether you’re a podcaster, musician, or sell digital products, we have an automation template for you!

Today we’re talking about one automation template 👉 Welcome subscribers to your newsletter. 

This template is designed to help you build a dedicated following and keep readers coming back for more. 

We've included our best tips for welcoming subscribers to your list, and we'd love to hear your tips too.

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How this automation template works 

💡 Tip: Each node of the automation includes notes that explain what’s happening at each step. Just click the notes icon in the top left corner of any node.

When a subscriber signs up to your list through the Newsletter Onboarding landing page, they will enter the automation.

The automation will automatically check to see if they’ve already been through this welcome process or not.

If they haven’t received the ‘intro to the content’ tag, they’ll get the Newsletter Intro sequence. 

After they get the Newsletter Intro sequence, they’ll get the ‘Has received an intro content’ tag. From there, they’ll get an ‘Onboarded’ tag that lets you know they’ve been through your welcome content.

If they DO already have the ‘intro to the content’ tag, they’ll go down the second path where they’ll wait 1 day and then receive a different welcome email that essentially gives them more information about you. This way, they can really get to know who you are and what you offer. 

How to customize this template

Start by copying the automation into your ConvertKit account from the template library.

Next, you’ll want to customize the elements of this automation to make it work for you. To customize any element, simply click on it in the automation and it will open up the editor on the right-hand side:

Step One: Customize your landing page

The default landing page in this template is blank, so you’ll want to add a photo, customize the text, and change the colors to fit your style. 

Need some help writing your landing page copy? We’ve got you covered in this article.

Step Two: Customize your welcome emails 

Within this automation template, the pre-written content is set up for a mom blogger who shares about the challenges of motherhood. You’ll want to change up the content to make sure it fits for your own brand and content.

Email 1: Newsletter Intro

In this email, you can talk about the challenges you’ve faced in your specific niche, as well as why you started your newsletter. This is a great place to share links to your best articles and any social media profiles where they can connect with you. 

Need some ideas for your welcome emails? Check out this resource

Email 2: More about me! Intro follow-up

This email is for the subscriber who knows a little bit about you, but you’re not at the BFF status just yet. Here you can share more about your story, why you’re passionate about what you do, and what your values are. 

💡 Tip: At the end of your welcome emails, ask your subscribers to reply and tell you about their current struggles or goals. This is a great way to get to know your audience more and start personal conversations.

Once you’ve customized these elements, toggle your automation to ‘Live’ in the right-hand corner and share your landing page with the world!

How do you welcome subscribers to your list? 

Welcome emails are such an important piece of your subscriber onboarding process, and we hope this article has given you a ton of resources to get your own automation set up in a flash.

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Share any tips you have for welcoming your audience in a comment below!