This group exists to give creators (that's you!) a connection point as you work through the 30 days of the Grow Your Audience Challenge. 

We're in this together. 

There has never been a better time for you to take the next step in your creator journey and it all starts with creating. Whether you’re a musician creating a new beat, a coach setting up a monthly program, or a blogger writing a new article, every creator starts with making some type of content.

You’re sharing each content piece you create on social media platforms that give you the reach you need to distribute your content for free. You start to generate attention, gain new followers, and learn who your audience is.

Now it's time to build your list. 

Each week in this group, we will have a discussion thread with prompts to help you work through the challenge materials. Together we'll tackle what it looks like to really grow your reach (and your audience) as a creator, and we'll do it here in community because that's where the truth growth can happen. 

Whether this is your very first time to share an idea with the world, or you're a little more seasoned but are ready for that next level-- this challenge is for all of us. I'm excited to dive in with you! 

Take a moment to introduce yourself and your work in this thread.