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Becca Nielson
Lifestyle Blogger
Asked a question recently

If I have two separate email sequences (in separate automations) that are triggered by two different tags, and 1 person gets tagged by both, will they receive both sequences at the same time? Will they receive two or more emails a day?

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Haley C
Community Manager

There are two different ways that can go! 

If the subscribers were added to your Sequence via a Visual Automation3, they will not receive any newly added emails. This is because Visual Automations remove subscribers from Sequences and mark them as "Completed".

If the subscribers were added via an Automation Rule6, or added manually3, they will receive newly added emails if those emails are added after the point the Subscriber has reached in the Sequence. 

For example, if they’ve already reached the end of the Sequence they will only receive new emails added to the very end of the Sequence. (They won’t receive new emails added to the middle, since they’ve already passed that point.)