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On my landing page I'm giving my new subscribers the ability to choose any combination of three tags. I want to also give them the ability to change their tag choices whenever they would like to make a change in the type of emails they are receiving. How do I accomplish giving them that ability to make changes to their tags?

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Blair Wadman
Email Automation Consultant, Web Developer, Educator

The easiest way is use trigger links. You can create a trigger link that adds or removes a tag. And then at the bottom of each email (normally in the footer), you can display those links. So the links could say something like:

  • I no longer want to get emails about Topic A
  • I want to get emails about Topic B
  • I want to get emails about Topic C

To do it properly, you'd need a bit of liquid code, which would check what tag the subscriber currently has. I've written an article with an intro to liquid here3, which may help. There is also this ConvertKit help doc6 and this one on trigger links9.