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Asked a question 2 years ago

API question: How can I determine whether a subscriber is subscribed to a specific sequence? I can see that it's possible to download the entire sequence subscriber list, but that's too much data for my use case. I need a way (from the ConvertKit API) to get a list of the sequences a subscriber is included on. The subscriber details page shows the sequences the user is included in, but it appears that information is server rendered so I can't reverse engineer the API that's being used to get that information. My guess is this is currently unsupported which is a real shame. Is there any possibility to get this supported?

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I asked support and they said this is currently not possible but they'll add it to the list.

EDIT: I've found a workaround for this issue. It involves adding a tag to every user who subscribes to the list and removing them when they unsubscribe.

When a user subscribes to my sequence, I have an automation that adds the tag "Subscribed: general newsletter"

The template I use for my sequence has an unsubscribe link that has an automation set up for it. When clicked, it removes the "Subscribed: general newsletter" tag and adds a "Unsubscribed: general newsletter" in addition to unsubscribing them to the sequence.

Unfortunately I had 20k people on my list and there's no way to find all subscribers to a sequence and bulk-add a tag to them. So I wrote this little script to do it for me. It takes forever, but it works:

I think this should work long-term. Definitely a workaround πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Hope it helps someone else.

EDIT 2: πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Just realized that you actually can do bulk actions on sequence subscribers. Go to<sequence_id>/subscribers58 and select them all to add the tag. Oh well.