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Asked a question 5 months ago

Are you interested in sharing more of your work with the community? Comment below if so! 👇🥂🌱

Where am I?

In Community at ConvertKit you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Sabrina B.
Expert in all things Podcast and some things Spiritual!

100% yes!

Founder, HR Consultant

Yes! I would love to! 

Email Marketing Automations & Funnels

Yes definitely,  i hope i am not late replying. I am creating a new wordpress website in which i am going use convert kit forms and landing pages from the begining.  If you would like me to share any thing. Please let me know. 

Bev Feldman
Marketing technology consultant & strategist

Yes, I would be happy to share with the community!

Will Falconer, DVM
Chief Veterinarian and Ruckus Maker

Absolutely. I continually receive kudos for my newsletter and courses. I know there's a lot of folks with pets who'd like a more natural approach to their health.