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Asked a question 4 years ago

As a creator, if you had to give yourself a job title that also told people how much experience you have, what would it be?

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Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

I wear many hats haha... it could all be under the umbrella 'entrepreneur' but it could also be split into stuff like... author, copywriter, affiliate marketer, JV manager, digital marketer, email marketer, coach... 

I think I'd have different answers for the different avenues I'm creating in.

  • I'm an aspiring author
  • I'm an experienced YouTuber
  • I'm a casual podcaster

Really keen to hear everyone elses answers to this!

Jordan Aspen🌟Community Influencer 🌟
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions

The simplest is I'm a writer who has 15 years blogging experience

Shelly Bortolotto
Founder Silver Lynx Supply

I'm a supply chain consultant who has bought over a 10 million dollars worth of stuff. 

The corporate credit card was so hot you could cut butter with it! 

200 people came to me for answers. I gave them the direction, rules and encouragement they needed. 


This is a fun question!  

I would say Seasoned Compassionate Educator.

Carla Lynne Hall
Magician. Musician. Marketer. Lover. Teacher. Blogger. Writer. Warrior. Witch.

I call myself a High Priestess. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, yes, but it speaks to my experience and ability to teach.

TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

I like to say specialist in things I consider myself an expert in, enthusiast in things i'm interested in or dabble in but isn't my area of expertise, and novice for something I'm new at.

Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

Once I finish this certification course I will be able to tell people I am a certified financial educator. That is exactly what I do and probably don't need much else unless I want to add MBA or CPA to the end of it. 

Sean and Allison
Co-Owners/Creators at Spoken Garden Blog & Podcast

One way we could answer this:

"Helping gardeners learn and apply year round care with over 30 years combined experience."

Digital Social Marketing Creative Designs; Specializing as Certified Self Help Mentor on a mission inspired to guided transformations away from past trauma into future triumphs with a powerful storyline!

I would like to be known as either:

  1. Health Coach
  2. Artist
  3. Professional Blogger

Tell people what shoud do in any proplem in life 

marion vergnaud
Digital strategist, law of attraction coach, hopefully speaker soon

Most of the time i just say that i am a content creator or that i am a digital strategist when i work for clients. I don't describe everything i do because it would be too much to explain.

Blair Wadman🌟Community Influencer 🌟
Email Automation Consultant -

I struggle massively with this! Probably because my services and target market are evolving all the time, and it also depends on who I'm talking too. These are my current variations:

  • I'm an independent web developer and marketing automation consultant
  • I'm an independent web developer and educator
  • Strategy consultant & developer for membership organisations & online educators

In terms of experience, I'll normally say how many years and combine it with something concrete. For example, if I was talking to something who wanted a custom e-learning / membership / marketing automation solution and they used Drupal as a platform already, I'd say: "I have 12 years commercial experience building custom Drupal solutions, I've written 2 books, have a popular education site teaching it, and have worked with XYZ (well known names) clients". 

If I was writing it as more of a positioning statement, I say things like:

  • I'm an educator (written 3 ebooks, teach online and in class training) and web developer, and help other educators with custom e-learning solutions and marketing automation
  • I help membership orgs and educators to improve engagement with their audience by creating more relevant and personalised  experiences (on their website & email)
  • I'm a consultant who helps educators & membership orgs to leverage and extend tools like Drupal, Pardot, ConvertKit etc