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Adideva Giridhari Dasa
Founder-Chairman - Harmonix Global Foundation
Asked a question 4 months ago

Can a scroll bar be provided the left panel in a sequence (which lists the emails)? This can be similar to Microsoft Outlook. This will prevent scrolling up and down the whole window each time we have to access a mail at the bottom of the Sequence. For instance, if I have to access an email at the bottom of a Sequence, I have to scroll down, during which time, the email editor also gets scrolled down. To access the email editor, I have to scroll up again. This becomes too cumbersome if I have to make bulk changes to multiple emails in a Sequence. When a sequence has more than 10-15 emails and changes have to be made, constantly scrolling the entire page up and down is becoming annoying. Alternatively, there can be a forward and backward button in the email editor (like in Gmail).

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Asked a question 4 months ago
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