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Asked a question 9 months ago

Can anyone help me with tips on email deliverability? All the test emails I've sent went straight to Promotions Email. I've tried to optimise it the best way I can without success. Any tips? Thanks.

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ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi there,

We understand that landing in the promotions tab can be frustrating, but here’s some good news about the promotions tab:

1. The promotions tab is still a part of the inbox. It’s an organizational tool Gmail created to keep “promotional-type” emails in one place, oftentimes making it easier for subscribers to find.

2. Your email landing in the promotions tab means you don’t have a reputation issue causing your emails to go spam. This is great because going to the spam folder would indicate an issue with your deliverability. Gmail only puts good senders in the inbox, which includes the promotions tab.

3. Gmail’s algorithms control the promotions tab 100% of the time. This means you aren’t doing something “wrong”. It just means that Gmail sees your emails as a bit more promotional in nature and not a 1:1 conversation. We know that sometimes landing in the promo tab can mean lower open rates, but try not to get discouraged. Instead, we recommend focusing on encouraging replies to your emails and clicks within your emails. These positive signals can really help show email box providers you have great engagement and it’s possible your email could end up in the primary tab instead! You can also ask subscribers to drag your emails from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab if they’d prefer to receive your messages there. This will train Gmail’s algorithm to place your messages in their primary tab in the future.

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Asked a question 9 months ago
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