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James Scott
Guitarist, Musician, Instructor, Composer
Asked a question 9 days ago

Couple of issues I'm seeing... #1) The confirmation email I receive, after signing up to one of my forms, contains a button that appears to have both blue text and a blue background. #2) The emails I'm receiving after signing up to one of my forms has an icon next to the subject line that almost looks like an "under construction." How do I change this? Is this a default icon that ConvertKit is providing? if so, I recommend changing that. To me, this icon (avatar image) implies there's a problem.

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Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @jamesscott2, looks like there's here that you want to understand, and with that, it's best if you can reach out to our support team at help@convertkit.com6 to further checking of your account as well as your incentive email.