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Coach Laura
Teacher of English as a Second Language
Asked a question last year

Do I add three new address records with just the new key name of my new subdomain with the DNC values? For two weeks I've been trying to create a subdomain at my BlueHost website for a ConvertKit landing page I created. I'm slow as molasses going through all the pages of directions at both websites because they rattle off certain terms and directions assuming I understand the lingo. I finally created a subdomain, and that step automatically generates all these new Address Records that use the new subdomain term (pages) in different ways under my DNC Records. But I added the three DNS values to my DNS address records (a) of my subdomain by adding three new lines all named just "pages" along with the three lines of DNC code. I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong and that's why it's not verifying, even after a whole week of waiting. In the meantime, ten additional sets of directions later, I discover there's a ConvertKit Plugin. So many hours later it looks like I've finally added and activated that only to see that it inserts a block of landing page here and there on every page of my website. Is there anyway to control how many are placed and where they are placed in my webpages? Really, the plugin seems a bit wild, so I would just like to make the subdomain and DNS verification to succeed so I can just have one page of my website to be a landing page and would like a ConvertKit form to pop-up on my website to opt-in for free materials.

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Coach Laura
Teacher of English as a Second Language

I kept trying different fixes for remaining "Unverified" for weeks. When I finally explained the problem in the right way to the right ConvertKit support person, I just needed to do one simple step that had previously not been intuitive to me: Under Settings, and Domains and then Custom Domains, I had to click the "Remove this domain" button and then re-add it. Finally, the subdomain was verified.

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Hello Coach -- I totally understand your struggles when it comes to adding custom domains. When you add your custom domain, you just need to add the 3 IP addresses provided in your ConvertKit account. You need to make sure that the subdomain for the landing page will not conflict with your current DNS settings. After setting it up, go to your landing page and go to the settings under the domain tab. Add the custom domain in the dropdown menu to make sure that it will associate with your custom domain. 

The propagation process should not take 24 hours. If they are still not verified after 24 hours, I highly suggest that you reach out to ConvertKit support so that they can take a look at it. You can reach them here directly:

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