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Feature Request: A way to recycle old content for new subscribers based on a certain rule. For example: let's say I want to send out a weekly newsletter. Week 1: email 1, week 2: email 2, week 3: email 3 etc... I'm not referring to an automated funnel, just a simple manual newsletter. And since some subscribers join in at different weeks( week 3 for example, they won't see letter 1 of course.) But let's say i miss posting week 4 of weekly newsletter... A good feature would be able to make certain emails recyclable(evergreen). So If i miss week 4, based on my rules, convertkit recycles my week 1 newsletter email and shows it on week 4(only to subscribers who didn't see it already). So week 1 subscribers wont see this, but week 2+ subscribers would. This would put my content promotion on autopilot, even if I decide not to post for an entire month, instead of my email just going silent. I think a perfect example of what I'm trying to accomplish is what a social tool called does(but applied to email). A simple rule might be: I need a minimum of 1 sent per week, if not use a recyclable email(one that I tagged as recyclable)

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Asked a question last year
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