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Natalie Campbell
Business Operations Strategist
Asked a question 10 months ago

Feature Request: Better features and set-up within "purchase integration". I have WooCommerce and they can use either Stripe or PayPal payment options to pay. I've integrated all my tools I use but looking at connectivity, it looks as though I can only gather Stripe information AND I cannot get specific in Automations based on specific WooCommerce products.

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What I'd know is that if you've integrated woocommerce with convertkit which is just a "Plugin Install" away, you'd be able to tag users per product. 


All you've to do, on the product editing page, select a tag of your choice and then back to CK you can use that tag to automate your sequences.


Perhaps if this is what you were looking for, it's already with CK and wouldn't be a future request anymore.



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Asked a question 10 months ago
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