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Feature Request: Grammarly Integration or spell check (Vote with a click!)

Hello All, anyone figure out how to enable spell check for the new email editor? (I'm pretty sure the old editor has spell check?)
Feature request: Grammerly support or spell check
Please add a spell check feature to all broadcasts. ConvertKit is a way to communicate and all communication tools should have spell check. Currently I have to copy my email from convert kit into Microsoft word, run a spell check in word and then correct the spelling in convert kit. Or type the email in word and then paste it over into ConvertKit. This is a little silly and there should not need to be this step. Please add this ability as a function in ConvertKit.
Please add spell check! What does anyone else use to be able to type somewhere else (like on a Mac using Text Edit and copy and paste without messing up the formatting?
I would like a spell check feature in the new editor. I really like the new editor but it would be great if you could spell check as you write. I use Grammarly a chrome extension in all my programs and in block editor and it works perfectly but It will not work in the broadcast editor.

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