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Asked a question 5 months ago

Feature Request: I'd love a hybrid sequence-broadcast hybrid of sorts. I'd really like to have a sequence where I can specify the exact date and time each email is sent for a group of emails (like how you can schedule a broadcast). Why a sequence? I like the reporting/organization of sequence emails (this is harder to sort through on Broadcasts and trying to find all related emails and Broadcasts don't have a collective reporting solution). Why specific dates and times? One example: I run date-based challenges. The challenge begins on a certain day and time, but other emails in the sequence may need to be sent at different days/times (and the current sequence settings only allows for day intervals and 1 time per day). For example: I run a challenge where we have a live event every day for 5 days. Let's say the event is Monday, June 1 at 5pm PT. I'd like to send a kick-off email the Sunday before ("Welcome! We start tomorrow!" yada yada), then an email on Mon June 1 at 4pm saying "going live in an hour!" then one at 5pm "going live now!" and then one at 8pm with a recap and replay link. This is harder to manage in Broadcasts.

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