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Asked a question 9 months ago

For the Challenge, do you have to have an opt-in freebie/download? Or can you have a course wait-list to get people to sign up? AND can you edit the landing page as you go?

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TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

The rules don't say you can't edit as you go here they are if you want to take a look at them in full:

But I think anything you have that would best work as an incentive for your audience is preferable. If the wait-list works better than a freebie that would be ideal for you and give you the best chance of growing.

Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

@TC Headley15 is better than me because I don't read rules lol. But you don't have to have anything really. In one of the examples in the first webinar Angel showed a page that was a "coming soon" opt in. So yes you can use your landing page for a course wait list. Whatever works for you to grow your email list.