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Four things: 1. Can I get a critique of my product page from you? 2. How do I test the sales funnel without actually buying the product? 3. Can we have different designs for sales page to choose from? 4. Can I sell many products at the same time where a customer uses a cart on CK?

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Hey @Kamakia Mwangi5! You're welcome to post your product page and ask for feedback here in our community ☺️

At this time, we don't have a built-in way to perform test purchases, a shopping cart feature, or different templates for product pages. But I'd encourage you to file these as feature suggestions here4! ConvertKit Commerce is still relatively new and being developed further, so we always appreciate the feedback.

Although we don't have a way of performing test purchases at this time, there is the option of purchasing your own product and then refunding yourself afterwards (we have instructions for refunding ConvertKit Commerce products here3) — I totally understand that's not ideal, though.

Alternatively, if you have an automation triggered by the purchase that you wanted to test, you could add yourself to it manually following this method3!

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