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Jenny Forehand
Health Coach / SQL Developer
Asked a question last year

Has anyone had any luck getting Stripe products to show up in an automation event? I've setup the ConvertKit/Stripe integration and added a product to Stripe. When I try adding a Purchase Event to an automation, my Stripe integration appears in the drop down, but no products are listed...not even "any" product.

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Jenny Forehand
Health Coach / SQL Developer

Just to followup...with help from ConvertKit support and Zapier support I solved the problem using Zapier.  When there is a new charge in Stripe, a zap is triggered to get the name, email address and tag name from the charge (the tag name is the name of the product sold).  After a little prep, the tag id is added to the subscriber. As @Paris Hansch48 suggested, an automation uses the "subscriber being added to the tag" event to trigger the "subscriber being added to a sequence" action.

The only downside is that I'll need to use the paid version of Zapier to use this zap because the zap contains more than 3 steps.

Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

We've never gotten the 'purchase' feature to correctly sync.  A workaround is to simply add tags instead which never fails.  So instead of choosing a purchase event, you'd choose people with the tag "Purchase - XYZ" or something.

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