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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello - I have not yet sent my first email. But my dashboard says I've sent 92 emails. And it provides data on the average open rate (22.83%) and average click rate (15.22%). Can these be re-set to zero?

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Hello @timothybenjamin37 ,

Question is, have you made public your sign up forms? 

Have you made public your landing pages?  

Did you enable confirmation email to be sent to new subscribers? 

Has anyone signed up for your email list with ConvertKit?

If all these are Yes then that is the reason you are seeing those analytics on your dashboard.

How come this when you've not sent any broadcast yet? 

If you enabled email confirmation on any of your sign up forms then anytime a subscriber signs up for your email list, ConvertKit will send them a confirmation email which you can customize the way you want.

Assuming you have 92 subscribers that will be 92 email sent. 

Assuming 40 opens the email that is 36.8% open rates.

Assuming 30 clicks the confirmation link that will be 27.6% open rates.

And can this data or analytics be cleared?

Well, I don't know about that but I believe ConvertKit support will help about that but in my own thoughts not facts, it can be cleared when you delete those contacts. 



Hey @timothybenjamin25! Unfortunately those stats (which include the incentive emails that have been sent from your account, even if those subscribers didn't confirm) can't be reset. In order to start those stats from scratch, you'd have to create a fresh ConvertKit account. Sorry about that!