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Hello Angel, I tryed to dowload the sell email template but the pdf dont' appear. Is it still available please ? Thank you for your reply. Sandrine J

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OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @artetnatureoriginailes@outlook.fr3, sorry for the trouble! Did you try downloading it from the link in the header on this page21? (I just tried it, and that link worked for me.)

If so, could you please try again from a private browsing/Incognito window? If it works there, that might indicate that there's something in your cache or cookies that is interfering on the regular browser window.

​You should be able to open a private browsing window by clicking File > New Incognito/Private Window and then navigate to that page from the window that opens :) Let us know if you still have trouble!

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