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Florian Wurm
Accelerated Learning Coach & Podcaster
Asked a question last month

Hello Best support group ever. I am your most lost convertkit user ever! :D How do I write e-mail content properly? So I have the "mastering convertkit course by Brennan Dunn" which is of great help. But when it comes to the "what to I put in a single e-mail so that I get engagement? Or how do I write a sequence of mails that build on each other I am lost. It feels like my e-mails are just random. What theme can I pick? What are the elements of a single e-mail like in writing an essay you have beginning, middle section and end. I am lost and confused! Please give me some straight to the point stuff I can read or watch!

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Blair WadmanCommunity Guru
Email Automation Consultant -

I think what you include in each email will be personal to you, but essentially, it's best to genuinely help people. So if your audience have a lot of common questions, or pain points, or struggles, than anything that will help them and give them a micro win is helpful to them.Β 

Another way to look at it is to imagine you are sat in front of one person from your audience (in a bar, or coffee shop). You are having a chat, helping them with what ever issues they are having. That chat could be a series of emails. I like to think about it in those terms - human to human.