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Mr. Mo
The Artist's Lifestyle Mentor
Asked a question 5 months ago

Hello, community! This is Mo. I'm from LA. Where are you from!? 👍

Where am I?

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Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

Hi Mo, I’m from Australia 🙂

I'm from Johannesburg South Africa, currently visiting in LA 

I'm from New York!

Hey there! I'm from central Illinois!

Emily Mills
Illustrator, Author, Course Instructor

I'm in Nashville, TN. :)

Business & Mindset Coach

Hello Mo! I'm from Munich, Germany :)

The Client Clarity Mentor

Hi Mo, I'm in San Diego.

Hi Mo! I'm in Denver, Colorado. Nice to meet you!

Blair Wadman
Email Automation Consultant, Web Developer, Educator

Hi Mo! I'm from New Zealand originally, and have lived in London, UK, for the past 20 years. 

TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

Hello from Fort Lauderdale!

HI.  My name is Lila and I am from Central New York.

Jordan Aspen
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions

I'm from the Sonoran Desert, USA (aka Southern AZ)

Craig Roh
Product Manager | Pro Athlete | Proplay Cofounder | Tackling innovation and quarterbacks

I'm live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but am originally from Scottsdale, AZ! 

Hey Mo, I'm from Malaysia - but I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Valerie Pugsley
Possibility Mindset Coach

Hey @Mr. Mo35 , we're practically neighbors, I'm in Orange County.