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Calling all gamers.
Asked a question 3 years ago

Here's what's going on. I have about 725 subscribers. I write a little gaming newsletter once a week for people who play tabletop and RPGs. Just trying to figure out how to grow the list. I have a button on the top of every newsletter so people share. Should I create an automation that invites people to share it after they've been on the list?

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Content Writer / Content Marketing Strategist

Do you use call to actions so that they really click on this button?

And why don't you use social media? This is actually a nice topic for YouTube and/or Instagram.

You shouldn't invite people immediately after they've been on the list but first try to establish a relationship with the reader so that they're ready to share your newsletter. Otherwise they could unsubscribe because they feel too much under pressure.

Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

Tabletop gamers unite! I personally don't use & am uncomfortable with sharing the things I say in emails.  I want it to be a bit of an exclusive club, especially because I share a lot of private stuff.  I'm not sure that people sharing it would make much of a difference in people joining, I still think that offering that freebie and sharing that would be better.  I also agree with asking them to share too early, but you could ask them to tell people about it later, I just personally wouldn't get anyone to share my email content with the world.