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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hey CK team. I've had quite an issue with delayed emails yesterday for a webinar, where participants received the "starting in an hour" and "join now" emails significantly later than they were supposed to, i.e. 13 minutes after the hour etc. This caused confusion and many emailed me after to say they had missed the webinar (even though I of course include within the email body when it is). I had particularly high sign ups this time and attendance was abysmal. Can you please explain how to prevent this from happening in the future? PS it's not a timezone issue. It's just that they're not going out on the exact minute they're scheduled (this was done via automations and email sequences with the date events, following the webinar template offered by CK). Thanks.

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Hi @Maxim Cramer8, For this, it might be good to reach out to the team at help@convertkit because it looks like the team will need to dig into your account a bit more.

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