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Jeana Acosta
Dog Blogger
Asked a question 3 years ago

Hey guys! I have a quick question about the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge. Angel said to go with something we already have because of the time frame. I already have a free opt-in guidebook that is offered on my site through a ConvertKit form. I'm a total newbie with only 5 subscribers, so my question is, should my landing page still be the free guidebook? Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

Yes, I would go with what you've already have since it would take time to prep something new.  There's nothing wrong with a free guidebook, that sounds good to me. How long have you been offering this guidebook? If you've been pushing it for a while and still have 5 subs, there might be something amiss with the messaging, framing or presentation of the guidebook. 

It could be hard to tell though so don't immediately go looking for something wrong it's just something to consider if it hasn't been working well and that's why you're asking.  Alternatively, it could just be that you're not pushing enough traffic at it, it's hard to measure without enough data.


Blogger, Influencer, Doggone Healthy Coach

Ok, first I saw DOG BLOGGER and had to connect with you! I have a few mini courses already and I had the idea of trying to get people to sign up to be part of my Six Legged Companion Team where they will receive weekly emails with tips, suggestions, training material ( basic and physical training alike- in most cases one overlaps the other, LOL!) I am a total newbie too, I only have 38 subscribers. Ask your present email list, friends, family, talk to others and see what they are looking for....send out that text or email and/ or phone others and ask them? I know it's hard......nothing great ever came easy right?!?!? 

I just sent out a message to dozens of facebook friends asking them some basic questions- I feel as if I am uncovering more of me than I want to, but for my business I hope it's worth it....What do you have to lose right?

What's your blog name? Mine is Doggone Healthy Choices!


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