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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hi all. I've searched re this issue and have found people with similar issues bit all the suggested fixes are things I've checked. I can't figure this out. Ive a sequence that seems to have stalled after the first 2 emails. I have a Landing Page and a Visual Automation set up. It all seemed to work fine until the 3rd email did not go out. Does anyone know what's going on here? Thank you.

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OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @mark@safeevents.ie7! Sorry for the trouble! Did you add that email to the sequence after those subscribers had already received the one before it? If so, there may be a processing delay before it sends out (most likely it'll send the following day at the sequence send time).

That said, I can see you posted this question yesterday β€”so if it still hasn't sent by now, I'd recommend reaching out to our team via help@convertkit.com5 (or the in-app messenger in your account) Β with the name of the Sequence and a description of the issue. One of our Product Specialists will take a look as to whether there might be a setting or something preventing it from going out :)

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Asked a question 5 months ago
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