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Asked a question 3 months ago

Hi all, new to email marketing and convert kit here, we've put out our first 5 weekly newsletters so far. As part of my email growth strategy we are going to be releasing 3 track EP's exclusively free to our email subscribers. As part of this strategy I also want to drive our subscribers to our Bandcamp site to download the music so they will also subscribe to us on that platform once they click the link to download the music. Bandcamp uses individual download codes for every user that cannot be re-used. Can I automate it so I have a list of x number of individual codes that convert kit could assign to our subscriber list so that every subscriber gets a different code?

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Hi! I think it's best if you can reach out to the support team. I'm thinking this can be done using visual automation and custom fields. You may send them an email at help@convertkit.com4 and provide all the details and what you'd like to accomplish with this one. :) 

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Asked a question 3 months ago
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