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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi community! I am very new to e-mail marketing. I have a list of emails (about 20 or so) from a Google Form I sent out. I would like to send out an opt-in email to confirm these people would like to receive emails from me. How do I go about that? TIA!

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Blair WadmanCommunity Moderator
Email Automation Consultant, Web Developer, Educator

Hi @Victoria Coreas10 

You can export the submissions from Google Form to a CSV file. Just make sure if has at least the name and email address.  And then you can import that CSV file into ConvertKit. Here is a help guide on how you can import subscribers in ConvertKit: 

Opt-in confirmation emails are part of forms in ConvertKit. While you can import subscribers to a form in ConvertKit, it will skip the confirmation email (the assumption is that you already have permission to email them). 

A way around this would be to have a tag that acts as a confirmation of sorts for imported subscribers. That tag could be called "Confirmed" or similar. And you'd need another called, called something like "Imported". 

The process would be:

  • When importing the subscribers, tag them with "imported"
  • Have a visual automation, or rule, that uses the "imported" tag as the trigger and adds the subscribers to a sequence
  • The first email in the sequence asks them if you'd like to confirm, with a trigger link
  • The trigger link adds the second tag, "Confirmed"

With this process, add of your 20 or so imported subscribers will have the "Imported" tag. And those that have been confirmed with have "Confirmed" tag. 

You can then create a segment for subscribers with the Imported tag and without the Confirmed tag. And then you can ignore those people when you send out broadcasts, or sequences. 

An alternative to this is to send the email via the sequence, but don't worry about the Imported tag or the segment. After the email has been sent, you could manually delete the subscribers who didn't click on the trigger link, and therefore don't have the Confirmed tag.