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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hi, do I have to pay in order for the Landing Page I've created using Elementor to work? I've been trying to make it work, but nothing's happening. I just asked my hosting provider to put the DNS records to make it work and checked the API keys and secret#. Am I doing it wrong? Hope to get an answer. I don't know what else to do. Thanks!

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Aaron HockleyCommunity Guru
Photographer, Writer, Consultant

You should be able to use a custom domain for a ConvertKit landing page even with a ConvertKit free plan.  I'm slightly confused by your reference to Elementor, since that's a WordPress page builder plugin.  Have you created the landing page on your own website with Elementor, or have you created it through ConvertKit's landing page builder?

Thanks for reaching out. I've created my own Landing Page through Elementor. I'm the one who built my own website as well. So, I thought if I put the API and Secret Key, my Landing Page will work. But it didn't. 

I just watched the video, 'Custom Domain for Landing Page'. I'll be needing a sub-domain so I can use the Landing Page I've created. What happened was, when I put the DNS info in CPanel, my website disappear. Because Convert Kit trying to take over my website. I'll just call my hosting provider tomorrow. I think I'll be fine. 

Michele Paiva
Psychotherapist & Youtuber

I have Elementor and I just put convertkit in a button. You can also just embed your landing page into Wordpress. Convertkit is for conversions while Elementor is for ease more so. Unlike Thrive which is similar to Elementor but conversion focused yet glitchy and very expensive. I speak from experience.

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Asked a question 6 months ago
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