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Juan Cruz Martinez
Full Stack Developer
Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I have a newbie question, I just filtered my list by unsubscribers, and I noted a huge amount of people (50% of my total subscriptions) that are in that status, some from today, yesterday, with many different email domains. Is this normal? can I message them somehow? Or ask them to confirm once again? I'm starting out, and that's a lot, a lot of users for me. Thanks so much

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Hey @Juan Cruz Martinez77! It sounds like you are referring to unconfirmed subscribers (subscribers who signed up but never confirmed their subscription) rather than unsubscribers (subscribers who clicked the unsubscribe link in one of your emails to be removed from your list).

We actually have a guide on unconfirmed subscribers here: Why do I have unconfirmed Subscribers?75

It's normal to have some unconfirmed subscribers, and this actually helps protect your list! It's possible that some if not many are bots or invalid addresses which could affect your deliverability in the long run by lowering your overall engagement. We have more information on how double opt-in protects your list here: The All Important Double Opt-In68

That all being said, I'd also recommend double-checking that your account's sending address60 is an @customdomain email address. More info on that here68. Our deliverability lead has put together some great guides on deliverability best practices — I'll include those links below:

1. Getting Started with Deliverability Success76
2. Deliverability 10168

I hope that helps!

webhost and creator

Hi @Juan Cruz Martinez74 

if they have unsubscribed, just let them go and provide value to those who are with you

find a way to engage with those you have, and learn from them how best you can serve them and you will find that you will be attracting to you those who you will best be able to serve!

it is not about how many names are on your list, it is about how much value you provide to your subscribers

hope this helps

Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

If they unsubscribe it is because they don't find value in what you have to offer and that is ok. You are not supposed to be for everyone. However, they are literally saying please stop contacting me so to continue contacting them after wouldn't be the best way to go. Just erase them and go out and get people who are your true target audience. 

It would be best to research the CAN-SPAM Act that addresses this issue.