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Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with creating an email automation when someone buys a product. How do I get the visual automation to allow me to integrate stripe AND choose "any product" or how do I add a product I'm selling? -- I've already added the webhook to stripe so it's integrated with convertkit, but when I add stripe as the integration in my automation, I can't click on "any product". It's making me choose a specific product, but since I don't know how to add a specific product, the only option is "any product" ..but it won't let me choose "any product" and the automation won't link to stripe without a specific product so it's literally just not working. Any advice on how to add a specific product or get convert kit to let me choose "any product" while integrated with stripe? I haven't had much help through chatting with customer service so I'm hoping someone has experienced this and can help me.

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Hey @Da Christian18, sorry for the confusion! You can't actually select 'Any product' for a specific integration β€” you'd have to leave the Integration dropdown blank, and then the 'Any product' option should be available in the product dropdown.

Basically, the 'Any product' option is only available for 'any integration' (i.e. leaving the integration field blank).

But if Stripe is your only purchase integration, it should still function the same as if you selected it for Stripe only.

I hope that helps :)

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