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Asked a question 14 days ago

Hi everyone! I’m interested in knowing your opinion! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Do you think people will still be converted or buying a high ticket online course despite it’s “online” and “expensive”? 🌟 Let’s say a person has already decided to enrol in the certain course, however when he goes on the checkout page and see that he has to pay a lot of money through the auto payment gateway, I mean..I guess he might be thinking if he’s paying face to face for a tangible product, he is more likely to just go for the process and he might be more confident in trusting the process so at the end the deal can be closed. Therefore…putting the scenario into the creator’s point of view…if we have to create an online payment gateway that converts, what’s the skill behind? How do I gain trust from customers for purchasing “rather expensive” products online?

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Hi Sophie! 

Firstly, congrats on offering your online course! 

Secondly, if your content is solid and you help people achieve an outcome, nothing is expensive if it gives enough value.  People pay when they see it's worth the money, whatever the price is.

Thirdly, why would they be surprised it's online? It should be super clear from the moment they hit your course sales page that it's an online course. Their should be no surprises- best way to gain trust :)

People are paying $50,000+ a year for universities everyday that are totally online these days with the pandemic. The hesitancy to take a course online vs. in person as pretty much gone away in most communities. 

I hope this is helpful is some way. Congrats again!

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