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Asked a question last year

Hi, I am Rhonda, owner of RhondasOriginals on Etsy and Miss Prim Cross Stitch. I am trying to get an opt-in and a newsletter going. I have no idea what I am doing! I did manage to create the op-in myself and now have about 400 names collected from different sources. Can someone give me an article link that addresses suggestions for designing email sequences? Do most people selling home decoration products use photos and their logo in the first 3 emails? I say yes, others say no, so I am very confused. Thanks.

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ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hi there!

The design of your email sequence will depend on your email template; email templates are for email styling and how it will look when sent. It's basically for customization of font, color, background, header image, or footer.

We have default templates that you can use, but you can only customize It with your preferred design as to what it would show on your broadcast. (Email template link37)

You can also use custom HTML or have someone else make the code for you and use it in your account. More info about that is here32.

As for the email sequence, the guide below will show you how you can set this up. I would recommend that you check out this page; this guide will give you an in-depth tutorial with the feature:

Sequence ConvertKit42

If you have further questions, I recommend you email help@convertkit.com71 to take a look at your account.

Thank you!