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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hi, I am setting up my CK account. I got a new email address recently (with my domain name). How do I change it?

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Aaron HockleyCommunity Guru
Photographer, Writer, Consultant

You'll want to click "Add From Address" to add (and then confirm) the new email address.  Once you've done so, you can make it your default address and delete the old one (or leave it there and be able to choose which one you send from).

Hello, I recently had to change the email address I used for CK because it wasn't compatible. (It was a domain name email that forwarded to a mail.com15 account because it didnt really have its own mail box-due to the web hosting I got) I'm not saying yours won't be compatible but just to answer your question, I emailed one of the lovely CK people and she did it for me! (now its a gmail email) I hope you get it sorted out! 

That was the email that I would be sending emails to clients from by the way. If you want to change the email address that CK email you at or that you log in with, I would think it would be go to Profile/Account Settings/Change email. I hope that helps!