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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hi, I have a new freebie (quiz) that I'll be launching. But I'd like to set up two different delivery emails -- one for people who are new to my list (so they can get a welcome message as well)... and another for people who are already on my list (so they receive their quiz results, but NO welcome message). How can I do this? Thank you :)

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Jason ResnickCommunity Moderator & ConvertKit Expert
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There are two ways that you could accomplish this quickly and easily

  1. When you bring someone onto your list, presumably they are being tagged with something, correct? That Welcome email could be included in your delivery sequence and then use the filter on the first email to exclude anyone with that tag.
  2. If you have a visual automation driving this delivery of these quiz results, then have a condition to check for the existence of that tag and if "no" then send a separate Welcome sequence email. Then under that conditional check where everyone falls through no matter which side they go on, you send them the quiz result sequence.
OlivyaContent Specialist
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Hey @jessica@intuitivesoulsblog.com7! Do you have the welcome message stored in a separate sequence? And have your existing subscribers already received it in the past, or is it a new welcome message?

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Asked a question 4 months ago
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