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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi. I have signed up for the landing page contest. I have no idea where to even put a landing page. My purpose is to grow my list. I have a short devotional they can download for free. I am guessing that would be the giveaway of the landing page. But where do I put the landing page? Facebook? That is where my audience is. I know 5 classes are given during the contest once it starts, but I don't even know where to put the page or how to use it to help my list grow. please advise. Thank you!

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If your audience is on Facebook, then yes, that's where you will link your landing page. Make sure to warm the audience. You can start doing so right away. Let them know the benefits of your freebie (not familiar with devotionals, but address why your readers would want it in their lives, and how it will improve their lifestyle, or something along the line.)

Start posting content around your devotional so that by the time Jan 3 rolls around, your audience is already familiar with your freebie to an extent and are anxiously waiting for it.

And then, on Jan 3, share the link to the landing page and see your list grow!

Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

You would share the page to Facebook but you wouldn’t put the page on Facebook. A landing page is generally cloud hosted and in this case by Convertkit, so it essentially floats by itself. It’s not a traditional page on your website, but you could put it under your domain. 

In the meantime I would do some research on landing pages as there’s a ton of info out there at the beginner level to help you get clear on what it is, how to make one, how to share it etc. 

To add, be aware the FB doesn't like external links, when I linked my landing page on there the bots auto flagged them as spam a few days later.  So it depends because it can be fickle.