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Pat Schloss
Founder of Riffomonas Professional Development
Asked a question last month

Hi, I'm struggling to get engagement on my growing weekly newsletter (467 subs) that has an educational/tutorial mission. Even with calls to action, I don't get any replies although my opens are good >50%. I have been trying to add links to different things like solutions to practice problems with the goal of get a better signal of whether people are getting anything out of the newsletter. I noticed something curious in my recent newsletter. The same 28 people clicked all of the links. Am I right to assume that there's something going on with their email system to open all links and that their engagement should be discounted? If this is the case then I worry that my engagement is even worse than I had thought :(

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Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @Pat Schloss5, looks like we need to dig deeper into this issue. It's best to reach out to our support team at help@convertkit.com18 for further assistance. 

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