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Asked a question 15 days ago

Hi, I started with ConverKit to send out my daily message, 5 days/week via broadcasts. That's all I have been doing so far. Now I want to add automations and also a newsletter about events etc. I created a template for the original daily message, that became the default template. It is very specific to the daily message. When I started setting up an automation, Convertkit used that template for confirmation and incentive emails. So I changed the default template to plain text. But that then changed my daily messages (even past ones) to plain text. How can I use the daily message template for the daily message and have plain text emails or different templates for other emails, especially in automations?

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Kristine Flojo
ConvertKit Community Specialists

Hey @AmarEase WellBeing3, simply head on over to the Email Templates page7 in your ConvertKit account and click the ‘New Email Template’ button. You can check this article out to get into details - The Visual Email Template Editor. 10

You can also reach out to our support team at help@convertkit.com1 if you need further assistance. 

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Asked a question 15 days ago
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