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Caleb Morton
Owner of Wicked Magic Games
Asked a question last year

Hi! I was just wanted to clarify the rules a little bit for this challenge. I create a landing page late in December 2021; Is this landing page still eligible or do I need to create a new one.

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Silviya Radkova
Writer, Business & Digital Marketing Strategist for Writers

From what I read, you don't need to make a new page but they'll count only subscribers to this landing page that subscribed after the challenge has started. So if you had subscribers before 4th January they won't count into your overall subscribers for the challenge.

Hey @wickedmagicgames10! You can start creating your landing page any time after signing up for the contest, but we’ll only count subscribers gained on or after January 4th toward your submission. There’s more info in our FAQ on this page16 ☺️