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Asked a question 10 days ago

Hi Team! I need help. I'm new to ConvertKit and have heard great things however, I'm feeling a bit frustrated. I'm currently on a free trial and have not been able to add tags to my subscribers (the page tells me it is, but then doesn't actually end up tagging them. I've tried this on several different times.) The other thing I've came up against today is I am trying to create a form to add to my landing page and I get so far as picking out the design of the form and then the button to select the form does nothing, takes me nowhere. Are there certain limitations with the free product? As feedback, it seems strange to me to offer a trial period for a product but not have the product function well or at all. I've been able to import my existing email list and that's about it. I'm asking for help because I've heard good things and want to make sure this is not user error.

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