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Asked a question 11 days ago

Hi there, I am new to this community. I just joined late last week. I have a question. I don't have the capacity to create a blog at this time or a podcast though that is my plan for the new year. I just want to building a landing page with a pdf inserted with tips and tricks. I was thinking of doing this each week. I want to add this to all my social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin). I have been playing around in Convert Kit. I think I might be complicating things. Do I have to build a landing page, opt-in page and a thank you page? I am assuming these make a sequence. My website is on wix and I am using Thinkific. My goal is to eventually promote an online course I am creating. That won't be launching until the spring. I really need to step it up in the list building department. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment and could use some help. Thanks in advance.

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The landing page is also the opt-in page. You can choose to have it automatically go to a thank you page, or just have a thank you pop up when they complete the form. The email sequence is for what happens after they opt-in. So, if you send them a pdf, you could then do an email sequence with a follow-up about the pdf, ask them what they liked about it, etc. A way to engage with them. Then you would create an automation which would start with the landing page and be followed by the sequence. You could do this each week, and you can tag each week with a different tag so you know which one your subscribers came from. Hope that makes sense. 

Hi, Ilammi and welcome! Every list starts with a sing up form ;) You can simplify things by just creating a landing page and thank you page in ConvertKit. See here:

You can but your first pdf in the incentive e-mail. And broadcast the others. Start there, try it out, get your list going and figure things out as you go ;)

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Asked a question 11 days ago
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