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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi. When you add new subscriber who opts in due to a lead magnet, do I want to include them in broadcasts or should I exclude them from any broadcasts until they have completed new subscriber sequence. How do I exclude a new subscribe from my weekly broadcast of my email list? They are now in a sequence and I don't want them to received my weekly email yet. Thanks.

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Hey @Adam Gragg48! It's really up to you if you want to exclude them until they finish the welcome sequence. You can use rules54 to accomplish this — you can set up one rule that adds a tag (e.g. 'In Welcome Sequence') when they get added to the welcome sequence, and then set up a second rule that removes that tag when they complete that sequence. 

You can also accomplish something similar inside of a visual automation by adding that tag right before they get added to the sequence, and then removing it right afterwards.

Either way will work, so it's up to you which you prefer. (In any case, automations aren't retroactive, so it'll start taking effect going forward from when you set it up.)

Using this method, you're essentially automating the addition/removal of a tag based on when they enter/complete the sequence, respectively. Then, you can just filter that tag out of your broadcasts if you don't want them to go out to folks currently in that sequence.

Depending on your sending volume/frequency, another option could be to utilize specific publishing days to still send broadcasts to people in the welcome sequence, but spacing/scheduling them in such a way that it won't inadvertently overload their inbox. We have a Tuesday Tip on this here54 ☺️