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Asked a question 4 months ago

How can I tag subscribers who didn't click on a certain email within a given sequence since (for example) over 30 days?

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OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @luisgarciacarra@gmail.com8! I'd actually recommend setting this up sort of 'in reverse'. Here's what I'd suggest to accomplish this using a visual automation9:

  • Set it up so that your subscribers receive a 'Haven't clicked yet' tag (you can name this tag whatever makes sense for you) right before they get added to the sequence
  • Make any links in that sequence into link triggers9 that are set to remove the 'Haven't clicked yet' tag once clicked
  • After the sequence step in the automation, add a delay of however many days you want to wait before checking whether they still haven't clicked (more info on delay steps in this article7)
  • After the delay step, add a condition7 that checks whether they (still) have the 'Haven't clicked yet' tag
  • Set up each side of the condition to perform the next steps respectively based on whether or not they clicked (i.e. whether or not they still have the 'Haven't clicked yet' tag at that point)

In addition, if you want a certain action to take place as soon as someone clicks on a link, you can also set its link trigger to add another tag (at the same time as removing the 'Haven't clicked yet' tag ย โ€” link triggers can trigger multiple actions). Then, you can have an event7 based on that additional tag that pulls subscribers forward to that point as soon as they click (& thereby receive that tag).

If you're having trouble setting any of this up and would like one of our Product Specialists to take a look at your automation, feel free to reach out to our team at help@convertkit.com7, or via the in-app messenger in your account. (You can also reference this post if it helps to explain what you're trying to accomplish!)

I hope that helps! :)

Freelance Content Marketing Consultant, Co-Founder of House of Creators

Either you create a tag manually, or you create an automated email sequence where you add a tag in the end. I think you should also be able to create rules for such a case.