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Asked a question 12 days ago

How do I add location as a field in subscribers so I can push it to another service via webhooks? Can location be stored as custom field? I see location in ConvertKit when I click on an individual subscriber, but don't see an easy way to pull that info.

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OlivyaContent Specialist
Content Specialist at ConvertKit

Hey @Dr. Jacque8! You can create a custom field to store locations, but it would have to be populated manually; our own location feature wouldn't populate that field automatically. Locations are included in subscriber exports, though β€” we have a guide on exporting subscribers here8 (the subscribers' locations will be included in a separate column in the CSV file). Not sure if that might be somehow helpful in this case.

That said, please feel free to file automatically storing locations in a custom field format as a feature suggestion here5. Our team monitors that topic and we always appreciate the feedback! ☺️

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