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Asked a question last month

How do I adjust the margins of my emails? I've messed around with the CSS and haven't been able to figure it out. I've done the trick with the indent on legacy editor and that doesn't cut it for me. I have a picture of what I'd like it to look like (from someone sending with CK). Does anyone know how to recreate this look? I guess I could reach out to the guy in the example but I thought I'd check here first :).

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Hey @Gabe Turner!

Based on the screenshot above, it looks like that customer may be using the HTML version of our Text Only template. Here are our tutorials that will help you get that template in your account, if you'd like (and you may need to tweak it a bit from there, but this should help has a starting point!):


If you're not into coding, you should be able to accomplish something similar by starting with the Text Only template option (the middle one) when creating a new template using our visual editor, as well :)

This video gave me more insight than anything I've read so far. I still had to play around and deduce a few things from what he shared here... but I think I got it. In the video, he shares some templates that basically recreated this one in the picture.