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Asked a question 3 years ago

How do you avoid doing too many things? :) I want to blog/podcast more

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I prioritize my projects. I sit down and determine what is the most important thing? What will result in the greatest growth in my visibility and income? Growth requires focus. Get priority #1 done or up-to-date first and then focus on the next thing you want to do. 

For example, I schedule out my group posts (paid membership group) for 60 days before I move onto the next tasks that will increase my visibility because I believe that providing an excellent community experience will result in more word-of-mouth marketing.

Prioritize, and the other fun things you think you want to do will be like rewards when you get your most important priorities completed first. 

Valerie Pugsley
Possibility Mindset Coach


I have found that without focus on the bigger vision and the reason why it's important to help. This may take some time and is one of the things I help my clients with. 

The other thing that I have found helpful to to work on things 1-3 months at a time. Quarterly goals vs annual. This makes it easier to put ideas on a list and wait as the wait is only a few months before considering the ideas.

Lastly I have only 1-3 goals, habits that I'm working on at a time and I don't judge myself it it doesn't get done in the time frame I desired. Instead I start asking questions, leaning into the resistance, and adjusting the goal

Hey Michael, 

I like your question - I think focus on the one important thing is absolutely key. For me, running a small business and wanting desperately to write an on line course has taken real focus on getting the very next task done to the exclusion of all else. I've always want my fingers in too many pies! So, I found my most productive time of the day and did 50 min content work and then a 10 min break - to a timer. The timer cancelled out notifications and other distractions. It took me 18 months but I've just beta tested my course and ready to learn how to get it out there via convertKit. I'd love to podcast too - used to be a DJ but I've stuck to a basic blog and keeping it somewhat simple, relevant and reasonably regular. The best part has been that the blog has given me content and ideas as I got in the habit of putting stuff I knew on paper. Then, because my writer hubby was editing it, I got better at writing, which has helped as I wrote my course. 

Forgive the long ramble - but I hope its useful. 

Blair Wadman🌟Community Influencer 🌟
Email Automation Consultant -

Great question. I focus on my big goals first. This mean, breaking down where I want to get to at the end of the year into quarterly goals (it's important to not have too many). I have a mindmap for this, so I work backwards from these goals to projects and tasks. And then each week, I'll plan what I need to do for the next week and make sure I'm building momentum on those goals first, before the other tasks. And something I've added recently is time blocking - mark out big blocks of time to work on projects / areas in my calendar. That in itself is making a big difference and helping prevent overwhelm. 

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