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Asked a question 3 months ago

How do you set up an e-mail sequence?

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Blair WadmanCommunity Moderator
Email Automation Consultant, Web Developer, Educator

If you head over to "Sequences" in the main menu, and then click on the "New Sequence" button, you can start to create one. You'll be asked to give it a name. And then you can start adding emails for the sequence. By default each email will go out 1 day after the previous one was sent, but you can change that. And once you've set it up, you can start to add subscribers to it by setting up an Automation. In the Automation, you'd usually have a form as the first step (the trigger) and then add people who fill in the form to the sequence (the action). 

There is more information on setting it up in this help guide:

Feel free to ask any follow up questions!