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Jordan Aspen
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions
Asked a question 2 years ago

How have your 2020 goals already changed since January 1?

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TC Headley
Brand Strategist, Divi Designer, Mac & Cheese Connoisseur

They haven't! Which is an improvement for me lol. I feel like I'm really on track to actually making my yearly goals this year.

Carolyn Moore
Personal Finance Blogger, Speaker and Instructor

My goals have not changed at all. However, the path to get to those goals has changed in the sense of becoming clearer, more defined and more tangible. 

Health & Wellness (Chocolate Lover)


Jordan Aspen
writer and educator at Civilized Animal Productions

In December I thought the first quarter of 2020 at least would be spent scaling our program for aspiring writers who want to learn to make money. By January 1 I had a vague idea that we would instead be pivoting our focus to building a new program (while maintaining the first). Now we have a solid plan in place for building and scaling this new program for entrepreneurs who want to use stories to grow their business without hiring a copywriter.

April Lewis
April Lewis, ConvertKit Certified Expert & Small Business Coach

Nope, I'm pretty consistent with stuff like that.

Paris Hansch
Copywriter, Authorpreneur & Crazy Cat Lady

Yea, mine have been the same too, I guess I’m just adjusting the timelines and expectations of the smaller stuff as I go